350 Million viewers for 我的前半生

In just the first the 10 days following its release, the new hit Chinese TV drama First Half Of My Life 我的前半生 hit 350 Million views – and that’s internet alone. The 42-episode series features 2 of my songs (vocals & trumpet) and you can download both of them below.  Thank you to the show’s composer Nathan Wang for having me be a part of this!

3 Replies to “350 Million viewers for 我的前半生”

  1. Hi Knox! I am an audience from Guangdong Province, China. Just let you know your song “Seem So Real” is sooooooooooooo HEAT in China now!!! Your song can be listened on the music platform “QQ Music” and so many people are asking “Who is singing this song?”

    Buddy, the melody and your voice are so romantic and touching! OMG! As the drama is going on, I am 100% sure you will become unbelievably popular in China. Just keep going and write more wonderful songs for the audiences!


    1. Hi Knox, here please: https://y.qq.com/n/yqq/song/004a8Qzo0DFCiS.html You may press the green button with an icon > , which means “Play” in Chinese. But as I know QQ Music does not allow non-Chinese IP address to play their software (when you are in China and use China’s internet, you can listen to the songs from QQ Music), maybe you cannot listen to the song from their website. Just like us in China, we cannot play videos on YouTube, nor open the website of Google, cos they were all blocked…

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